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820: Financial aspects vs Nature of Household - Shared finance

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Hello everyone!

I read the partner migration booklet and both section (ie. Financial aspects and Nature of the Household) required evidences for shared financial responsibilities. It seems that some evidence will overlap.

I intend to use our joint bank statement to prove that we have been sharing household bills and expenses under the ‘financial aspects’ category. However, it is also suitable to prove under “the nature of the household” category where one of the requirement is to have joint responsibilities for bills and day-to-day living expenses.

Can anyone kindly explain or recommend the best way to differentiate the evidence in proving shared financial responsibilities between these two categories ?

Many thanks!:)
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Thank you for answering my questions!

Other questions (if you don't mind)

- Would it be advisable to apply for partner visa 820 onshore, if we only lived together 5 months after marriage? Prior to that, we have had a long distance relationship for +5 years and most of our evidences are concentrated on joint travels & visits during separation. Should I accumulate more evidences and submit at least 6 months or more? I.e Joint Bank Statements, household bills, social activities.

- In the financial aspects, we need to demonstrate ‘sharing of finance’? I’m assuming this requirement is to demonstrate other expenses we have shared together apart from day-to-day living expenses. Can I include joint travel expenses, wedding expenses and furnishing apartment?

Many thanks!
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