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Dear All

Kindly check the below concern we have and help us.

Day 1 - submitted applicant form online (for 820) - sponsor not submitted but started filling.
Day 1 onwards - started attaching evidence documents to BOTH applicant and sponsor since the immi account lets us do that.
Day 8 - submitted sponsor form online.

After submitting sponsor form now we are seeing a new area for sponsor document upload which does not have previously attached sponsor documents and a file count of fresh 60 more.
So does that mean a total count of 180 instead of 120 files?
Should we upload in both places for the sponsor ? The previously uploaded sponsor documents can be still seen and are intact.

Kindly help guide us here.

FYI - applicant section is behaving normally. only sponsor section has 2 areas for document upload
There is only 1 immi account for both of us.
1 - 3 of 5 Posts
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