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Hey all,

Me and my partner are hoping to apply for the 820 visa soon, however we are worried as we don't have any shared lease or bills to showcase financial dependency.. We lived with his parents, then a house share which neither of us were on the lease, before heading to the UK where we stayed with my family..

I'm hoping you can help me out if I post my evidence below, anything you can think to add? Thanks!!

Joint bank accounts, both in UK and AUS
Bank Statements highlighting groceries, date nights, any transfers to each other.
Beneficiary to my account.

Flights together Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and UK.
Photos together in each country
Railcard - Two together. Trains to London, Cambridge.
Coaches booked together for Bristol, London, Exeter.
Airbnb we both stayed at
Hotel we both stayed at

Nature of relationship
Statement outlining division of housework etc.
mail addressed to both at same address
mail addressed separately but same address.
Stat dec from parents stating we both live at the same address.

Photos - Us together with each others family, at footy event, wedding.
invitation to his brothers wedding
invitation to his other brothers engagement.
invitation to my friends wedding.
screenshot of mutual friends on fb.
Tickets to events together
Form 888 - 4 from UK, 4 from Aus

Mutual Commitment
Love notes to each other
anniversary cards
link to instagrams - showing photos of each other.
screenshot of facebook official relationship
statement of mutual commitment both.
Texts, facebook messages to each other. screenshots of ones involving future plans, love for each other.
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