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Good evening everyone 馃槉. Just received my 820 partner visa. YAY
I have been with my husband for 2 years, married for 13 months and we have a little boy of 6 months as well.

I'm on a 457 sponsor visa, on maternity leave atm untill August 2018.

- From now and onwards what do I need to do with MY EMPLOYER and with the IMMIGRATION department please?

- Do I need to complete an additional appication for the 801 visa?

- I read somewhere that I need to add evidence of our ongoing relationship, what could that entail?

- Is there something we can do to get PR faster? ie specific paperwork, request priority processing (what can we include in the request letter (been trying to find a sample to get an idea online but no luck!!!)

- Am I a Temporary Resident now?

soooooooo many questions lol

Not sure what to do !!!
Thank you so much.

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Congrats on your visa grant! You're no longer on a 457, actually, now that your 820 has been granted - you're on your 820, which means unrestricted working rights. Have you already got your Medicare? You were eligible as soon as you submitted your 820 application, so if you haven't gotten it yet, go do it! :)

You are a temporary resident now, yes.

Look at your calendar - what date did you apply for your 820? Take that date and add two years - that's your "eligibility date" for your 801. Write that on your calendar somewhere so you don't forget it. While it's not technically considered a new application, Immigration will require you to submit more documentation to prove your relationship is still ongoing before granting your 801 and ***they no longer will remind you of this!*** (which I think is crazy!). It's on you to remember to do it, so it's critical you don't forget. It's very similar to the documentation you provide for the 820 (photos, bank statements, etc.) There's a form for it in your ImmiAccount.

Your "eligibility date" is not your due date for providing the info - they just will not begin processing your submission until that date. And expect to wait quite a while once you've submitted it for your PR to be processed - I waited 11 months past my eligibility date, but the wait is even longer now.
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You should also update your employer to let them know that you are now on an 820 visa so that they're aware their sponsorship obligations have ceased.
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