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820 Visa Statements

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Hello all,

My partner and I have just begun our 820 visa journey, and boy what a journey it is...

I had a question regarding the part online where it has you write the financial details, household details, history of the relationship, etc.

I've tried to search for the specific answer but have had no such luck so I figured i'd make an account to get a straight answer and hopefully help someone else down the line.

Is it alright to do joint statements for the Financial details, household details, social details, etc since they will be basically the same anyways? And then do a SEPARATE statement for the history of the relationship?

My thoughts were to just write "See attached document" since so far, the 2000 word limit has proven to be a bit too small. So we would just write our answers in a word document and then just attach the document.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help...
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we recently submitted in our visa application (820), couple weeks ago; but as we were unaware otherwise we submitted joint statements regarding those questions mentioned in original post.

Reading both the applicant and sponsor forms to my knowledge there is nothing there that states write in your own words.

All it states is 'in the following questions, details of the relationship between the applicant and sponsor must be provided and should form the basis of the applicant's claim that their relationship with their sponsor is
genuine and continuing. The information provided also needs to be supported by relevant evidence.'

So we decided to write joint statements to these questions; cause otherwise we thought you'd just get pretty much identical answers; as obviously we would consult with one another.

We did however of course write our own personal statements regarding our relationship and its history and origins as well as about our future plans etc..

Do you think its an issue that we didn't write our own answers separate answers to these questions.?
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