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820 Visa Statements

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Hello all,

My partner and I have just begun our 820 visa journey, and boy what a journey it is...

I had a question regarding the part online where it has you write the financial details, household details, history of the relationship, etc.

I've tried to search for the specific answer but have had no such luck so I figured i'd make an account to get a straight answer and hopefully help someone else down the line.

Is it alright to do joint statements for the Financial details, household details, social details, etc since they will be basically the same anyways? And then do a SEPARATE statement for the history of the relationship?

My thoughts were to just write "See attached document" since so far, the 2000 word limit has proven to be a bit too small. So we would just write our answers in a word document and then just attach the document.

Any thoughts?

Thanks for any help...
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You can always choose to add any additional joint statement but there is not much point as you should have covered what immigration wants in your individual statements.
can I ask who should sign the joint statement? I really confuse about this one. thank you
Can I ask why you're doing a joint statement?

An individual statement is required of the applicant and the sponsor in their own words.

If you want to do a joint statement, that's just extra work for you. Doesn't matter if you sign it or not because the statements immigration needs to see are the individual ones.
Hi there. thanks for the reply. I got our individual statement (sponsor & applicant) about our history of relationship. and then i think i want to have joint statement for each of the 4 aspect of relationship. any advice for that? a bit confuse :confused:
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