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AAT Partner Visa review waiting time

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Hi all,

Long time looker, first time poster.

My wife and I have been married for 2 years. We applied for her subclass 309 temporary partner visa in late 2016 and subsequently got refused in mid 2017.

We applied for an AAT review immediately after and are still waiting for a hearing.

What else are others experiencing and how long is it taking the department to process cases after they have been remitted?

Also, has anyone had any luck in having their case review without a hearing?

Best wishes to you all!
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Hi mate,
Would you mind telling what sort of docs did the case officer ask you to provide?

Hi there, I am waiting in a similar situation, had my Partner 300 case remitted back to immigration in early July, CO asked fore more docs in end of July, submitted the documents on 6th August, now its the waiting game.....
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