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Hi guys,
I am new to this form regarding posting anything.but i have been reading related posts from one year now and trust me these things/posts helped me a lot.
And few of them gave me so much high hopes in my stressed times.

I just was to know how much time now DHA is taking to see the case remitted by AAT.
It was a domestic violence case.
My 2 years wait after lodging partner visa aplication was completed but my ex husband forced me to leave his house and so the relationship finished.
But i had an option to apply for my PR basing on Family Violence.
It was subclass 309/100

So i applied for sub vlass 100 in December 2016 after one month i left his home.
At that time i had no lawyer/migration agent as i couldn't afford that time.
One community worker lady helped me in all that.
In March 2017 DIBP asked me to prove and give evidences that it was a domestic violence case.

I had very strong proofs as my husband used to send me threatening emails that if o don't do as he said or want then he will cancel my visa and degrading msgs on my looks and weight and educational background.

I submitted that , one report/letter from the social worker lady who help women in domestic violence cases. And my form 1410.

But according to the requirements i was supposed to submit one more report of either police , GP or psychologist. Which i couldn't as i never soeak to anyone about my personal problems.
And in our culture we don't share things with people.

Anyhow it got refused on 3rd July 2017.

I had 35 days to leave the country or 21 days to do Appeal to Tribunal.

I went to a great well known lawyer.
Paid too much money which was worth paying.

Case reopened in AAT in April 2018.They asked for written submission of case eith all evidences

My Lawyer and her co worker prepared my case prepared my case very well.
Bu this time i had a letter from my GP and My psychologist because i was going through hell after seperation alone in Australia and after refusal in 2017 i got so stressed and went to depression.

My lawyer took some more supporting letters from my friends and family.

Some more proofs from my ex husbands emails and pictures.

And submit my case on 3rd May 2018.

After 6 days AAT held a hearing for us by inviting me on 25th May 2015.
For some reasons my Lawyer was not able to attend hearing on 25th May so we requested them to give another date.

They accepted the request and gave us new date which was 6th June 2018

I attended the hearing along with my Lawyer.

And 3 witnesses for my case of domestic violence.
My 2 friends ( a couple who help me while i was struggling with my relationship and after seperation as well)
And Social worker whos letter was one from main required criteria.

Hearing started and Member start taking my statement.she asked few questions from given evidences and my statuary declaration.
I went for about 30 minutes. The member then said to my lawyer that She does not even need to listen from any witnesses nor she need to call my parents or any other witness oversees.Member seemed satisfied.

But still Member asked me as that If you want to call one person from you three witnesses you can tell me but still i don't need to hear from them.

I called my friend in the room.
She tell a bit about me and my situation and my husband behavior that how he used to treat me e.t.c.

My lawyer requested member that she wants her to plz listen from Social worker as well.
Member accepted that and called social worker in and then Member and social worker has some conversation and Member was friendly and satisfied with all of us.

Then Member sent all of us outside the hearing room and she said I want to make a decision now and i will call you guys in once i am done with making decision.

We waited outside the hearing room for about 15-20 minutes but those 20 minutes were life forever for me . I was praying and so stressed.
My lawyer was so hopeful from Day 1.
She had a belief that we will win the case.

And that's what happened.
Member called us in and gave the Oral decide by station the reasons that i fullfill criteria of my visa application my submitting all required documents and evidences.
She said she is satisfied that i had a genuine relation with my ex husband before the relationship ceased and that i was a victim of Family Violence.
And that she see no reason to refuse my visa application.

She stated Word "Satisfy" avout 10-15 times abd every time i was Thanking God that finally this day came.

Now my case is remitted to the DHA in 6th June.

My question is how much time it's gonna take for department to contact me ?
If someone is there with some similar situation or experience please tell me what is going to be next and when?

Also is these any case in which department again refuse the visa ? Has it ever happened with anyone?

My lawyer said that she is so happy for me . And she see no reason in it to be refused now. She told me that now the department will contact for Police check and Medical and then they will decide and grant me PR.

Any thoughts or ecperience of you guys are welcome .

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