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Hi guys,

I’m an international student taking a 2 year course (CRICOS 104 weeks) and want to finish it (15 courses and 6 UOC transferred) early in 3 semesters. I started the course at 24th July, 2017, and the date when result comes out in semester 2 of 2018 will be 5th December, 2018. Will I meet the 2 year study in Australia requirement if I graduate at the end of semester 2 of 2018?

The time period between 24th July, 2017 and 5th December, 2018 is slightly longer than 16 months.

I know the 92 weeks requirement would be met. But will I meet the 16 calendar requirement if I:
- leave Australia for 15 days in vacation, or
- leave Australia for a month in summer term when I am taking a course, but attend all the exams and labs in person in Australia?

Will it be considered that I finish the course at exactly 5th December, 2018?

Thank you!
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