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Dear experts!!!

I am new in this forum.. my skills and qualifications have recently been assessed by ACS and assessed as suitable.

But they assessed my education qualification as follows:

MY Master in Information Technology as AQF Master Degree
My BSc in Computer Science as AQF Associate Degree
But they did not assess my MBA degree due to non-IT..

As I understand I don't have bachelor degree to support my mater degree, so I can't claim 15 points as per rule.

So. My question is if I assess my 2 years MBA degree and I am sure it will be equivalent to AQF bachelor degree since they count my bachelor as Associate degree as such I can claim 15 points ..Can you kindly verify whether I am thinking in right direction or not and if I am thinking right then please suggest what steps should I take now??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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