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I got a positive ACS assessment in June 2015, however, they did not consider a part of my current employment, which was weird.

I have been working with my current employer from 10/14 to present as below:
1. from 10/14 to 03/15 as a full time consultant,
2. and from 04/14 to present as a full time salaried employee

There was no break in between, and my role remains the same. This was clearly mentioned in the same job reference letter. However, ACS considered only the experience until 03/15 (see below):

Dates: 10/14 - 03/15 (0yrs 5mths) ----should this not have been until 06/15?
Position: ABC
Employer: XYZ

I tried emailing them, however, they did not clarify this and simply replied that they evaluate based on documents provided. I have a feeling they did not read the job reference letter properly and may have made a mistake.

My 3 years of experience after the ACS MET date is completed on 31/07/15. I understand I can provide an updated job letter to CO to claim 5 points.

Should I reapply for ACS or assume that CO will consider my current employment until present date and allocate 5 points accordingly? :confused:

Planning to submit EOI once this is clear.

PS - I searched through all relevant threads, which did help me with some other questions, but I could not find a similar case where ACS did not consider current employment until the present date.

Appreciate the help of moderators and senior members.
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