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ACS EOI experience not matching

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Hi Mark

I have a query. .. I received my ACS results last week in which they considered all my experience to be relevant from Aug 2009 to date...I had submitted statutory declarations for all my experiences...however in my current company I joined recently (October 2017) and I do not want the verification to be done there as I am sure they will not be willing to vouch for me and also I do not want them to get a hint that I am planning for a I want to mark my most recent experience as not relevant in visa filing and proceed...anyways I will still have 8 years of experience for 15 points based on the previous job that can be counted until August 2017............(pls keep in mind I received positive assessment for this job as well)...I am sure my current company getting this info will get me into a trouble...I have no choice but to skip this experience in my visa...

Also, I had filed my EOI under subclass 189, ICT BA last week marking current job as relevant and have received an invite with an overall score of 80.
Please let me know what all options do I have so I don't have to show my current job experience-

a) Should I withdraw my current EOI and file a new one marking current job as non - relevant
b) Should I file a new ACS and show the current job as non-relevant
c)Any other options?

Please advise
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Can someone pls help!
Hi, I am in a similar situation, where my ACS has not assessed by current experience of last 2 years, but in my EOI I have mentioned the current experience. In summary out of my 7.5 years of experience 5.5 has been assessed by ACS & 2.5 could not be assessed due to insufficient documents, in ACS result letter. However I have mentioned all the 7.5 years and received the invite as well.

Will my EOI be recognized if there is a mismatch.
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