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Hi dear members,

First of all I would like to thank each one of you for helping us through every stage of Visa process, in anyway you could.

This forum is an incredible platform for people like me, who seek guidance, advice and direction.

I am looking forward to applying for 189 PR Visa. I have a couple of questions as follows

1. Does ACS skills assessment, require English Language score.
I mean, do we have to upload our English Language Score while filing skills assessment. I am asking this because I am planning to apply for ACS skills assessment first and then go for English Language Test.

2. I want to know as per ACS,how much experience will be calculated in my case. Following is the description of my Job details.

I am Bachelor of Engineering in Computer from Pune University, India

Job1 - 20th Sep 2006 to 10th Jan 2007 - Computer Faculty
Job2 - 25th Jan 2007 to 21 Jul 2007 - Trainee Software Programmer
Job3 - 23rd Jul 2007 to 10th April 2008 - Jr Software Programmer
Job4 - 4th May 2015 to 30th Dec 20016 - Associate Software
Job5(Current Job) - 18th Jan 2016 till date - Software Engineer.

I am planning to go for 261312 - Developer Programmer Anzsco Code

Appreciate your inputs :) Thanks in advance.
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