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Dear friends
I have many things on Mind, will try to highlight One by one in several post.

First of all, I gona complete my master in IT (networking) this month, So Planning for education assessment. However, I am planning to get my Bachlor degree from INDIA TO BE assessed (Electronics and communication for 263312 as TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK ENGINEER) instead education in Australia. Because TELECOMMUNICATIONS NETWORK ENGINEER cutoff is quite low as compare to computer network system adminstator and saves money for professional year for 5 points. Do you think it be good idea to get assess my bachlor instead of Master, as my whole experience after bachlor is as Web developer (IT) which is irrelevent for both ANZSOC codes. SHould i choose ACS or ENGG australia.

Do my syllabus from bachlor qualify under telecommunication, subjects mention below

English Language and communication
Engineering Physics
Mechanical Science
Basic Electrical Engineering
Environment & Ecology

Mathematics -1
communication skills
Fundamentals of computer prog & IT
Manufacturing practice
Physics laboratory
fundamentals of CP & IT practicals

Mathematics -11
elements of mech. engg
basic electrical engg
Engg drawing & computer graphics
Electrical Engg. Laboratory
Chemistry Laboratory
General Fitness

3 Sem
Applied Mathematics -111
Network Anlysis & Synthesis
Electronics devices & circuits
Electronics measurement & intrumentation
Object Oriented Prgramming Using C++
Lab - (Instrumentation)
Lab-11 (Object Oriented Progamming)
Workshop Training

Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Signals and Systems
Electromagnetic Field Theory
Linear control systems
Lab-1v (analog electronics)
lab_v (digital electronics)
Lab -v1 (linear control systems)

5th sem
Analog Comm. Systems
Total Quality Mgt
Antenna & wave propagation
linear integrated circuits
Microprocessor & its Applications
Pulse, Digital & switching circuits
rest all Labs in same subjects

6th sem
Microwave & radar engg
Digital Communication
Micro-controller & embedded systems
Enviorment Science
Digital Signal Processing
Lab micro controller
labs in same subjects

7th sem
Industrial Project

8th sem
Computer networks
Optical Fiber communications
VLSI design & technology
Dep elec-11 (BM/ wsys & N/W)
Dep elect-111 (sattelite communication/tv engg.)#
Major project

Anybody, who got his electronics & communication degree assesed from ENG australia as telecommunication engneering professional put some light on this issue. And seniors please advice me that will my previous experince as webdeveloper can give me some gain while filing PR. Like 5 points for 5 year exeprince after deduction etc.

With regards
Parmpal Singh
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