The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) has published an updated sponsorship occupation list for those seeking jobs from overseas.

Jobs most in demand currently include engineering managers, child care centre managers, surveyors, civil, geotechnical, structural, transport, and electrical engineers, preprimary teachers, GPs, physiotherapists, registered nurses, optometrists, psychologists, social workers, carpenters, joiners, roof tilers, welders, gas fitters, plumbers, chefs and hairdressers.


Applicants are required to satisfy a minimum level of English, demonstrate their suitability for their occupation and more​

'Your success finding employment will depend on the employer requirements, relevant skills and experience and level of English ability. As a new resident you may not be eligible to apply for some Federal Government positions where citizenship or security clearance is required,' said an ACT state spokesman.

The occupations identified do not relate to a specific job vacancy, nor represent a guarantee of a job in a specific occupation and in some areas the number of jobs available are limited.

Some occupations have 'additional conditions of nomination' listed against them which are in addition to the minimum criteria outlined in the Nomination Guidelines. Applicants will also need to meet the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) skilled visa criteria.

'The ACT Government encourages skilled migration and can provide advice on ACT nomination criteria, but not on wider immigration issues. Before lodging a nomination application, it is recommended that you obtain specific migration advice relevant to your circumstances from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection or a Registered Migration Agent,' the spokesman added.

As a skilled migrant, an overseas applicant can apply for ACT nomination if the status of their nominated occupation is shown as 'open' on the ACT Occupation List and they meet the nomination criteria as shown in the guidelines.

If the status of the nominated occupation is 'limited,' the occupation must be verified by the Migration and Information Services (MIS) Unit, ACT Government, before an application can be lodged.

The ACT currently only participates in the Skilled Nominated Visa Subclass 190 and extends sponsorship to applicants living in Australia and those residing overseas, subject to meeting certain specific criteria.

In addition to nominating an occupation which appears on the current ACT list, applicants are also required to satisfy a minimum level of English, demonstrate that there are suitable employment prospects for their occupation and provide evidence of their commitment to Canberra.