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We submitted 309 application(India) in immiAccount, uploaded sponsor's latest AFP and Indian PCC (but it is expired).
I got one email last night asking for below information

1. An Australian National Police Check (NPC), Please use Code 33 for a "complete disclosure" on the application form.
2. A police check for every country (other than Australia) in which you have lived for a period, or a total period, of at least 12 months since the latest of the following dates:
10 years before the date of this letter

3. Consent to the department to disclose any criminal convictions you have had for any relevant offences to the visa applicant(s).
Please download and complete Q38 and Q51 in the form 40SP available at below link

Should I upload AFP police check again or should I reply and mention that I already uploaded Australian PCC. Indian PCC I applied and waiting for it to be delivered.

Reg: Consent to the Dept. Should I complete ONLY Q38 and Q51 and leave everything blank in the form 40SP and upload ?

Please kindly help
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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