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I'm an international student, who will finish the Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - (electrical) A175 course beginning December.
National Code: UEE62111 CRICOS: 077193E

I'm until March 2018 32 years old and studied this course for four semesters in Perth.

I did some research about my visa options before I started the course and had a look at the occupation: "Electrical Engineering Draftsperson".

Maybe I also qualify as "Electrical Engineering Technician", but I don't have any work experience.

As I'm turning 33 next year I have a very short time frame, before I loose 5 points for my age.

I've done already a PTE Englishtest with an overall score of 65, but not in each module.

Another problem I have to face is, that my course is not accredited by EA. They told us, that it will be accredited, by the time we'll finish the course, but it isn't... *arg

Which visa would you recommend for me?
Is electrical engineering draftsperson the best occupation to choose? How long is the processing time of the EOI?
Is it realistic if I get a higher score for my English to apply for the visa before the 7th of March next year?

atm I think I'll get 30 points for my age, 10 for the diploma, 5 for the 2 year study requirement and still need to score points for my English.
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