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So we received the email from home affairs dated June 14, 2018, that the 2nd VAC is now payable, there is 3 applicants in the application 2 is offshore while the other 1 is inside Aus. The email says that the application cannot be finalized while an appilcant is in Australia. The applicant is required to make arrangements to depart Australia within twenty eight days of this email. Within 7 days applicants are required to provide a scanned copy of their departure arrangements from Aus to the Parent Visa Centre.

Thing is the applicant who is currently in Aus is going out of Aus on July 5, 2018.

Then in June 22, 2018 we paid the 2nd VAC.

Question 1 is : Does the applicant still need to make arrangements on Parent Visa Center or sending the plane ticket/itinerary and the stamp on her passport proving that she'd arrive on her home country is enough to send to the home affairs/parent visa center?

Question 2 : Does paying the 2nd VAC while an applicant is in Aus not good? or will it affect the grant?

This just bugging me out so any response is appreciated.

Thanks a lot! :D
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