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Hi guys,
I am posting this question on behalf of my younger brother.

"I am a 23 year young, Hospitality graduate from Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi. I finished my degree last year and was offer a job with during campus selection.

Right now I am working as Management Business Development Trainee with cleartrip. And I am handling hotel business for northern state. I will be completing 1 year of trainee period this June.

What I want to know is that, what is the prospect of immigration to Australia in future, based on my current job profile?

I tried to look up my profession in SOL, and it wasn't mentioned anywhere

My day to day responsibilities are as follows:

• Conducting market research on hotels and its potential
• Ensuring smooth function between supplier & fulfillment, accounts, Tech. team on integrating, redemption & delivering the product
• Ensuring competitiveness of the products contracted by conducting price & product benchmarking on daily basis
• Audit on suppliers rates, support function
• Ensuring product quality / Inclusions are maintained as shown in the communications.
• Competition analysis every week.
• Supplier Relations Management
• Maintain a track of products performance and suggest changes / additions from time to time.
• Preparing competition performance analysis and business report on monthly basis.

Should I consider a job change or my job is a perfect fit?

Thank you for your time and I really appreciate it :)

Warm wishes!

Thank you very much!

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This isn't a question that can be answered through giving general information on an online forum. As he's realised, he needs to get a positive skills assessment for an occupation on the SOL (if he wants a 189 visa) or the CSOL (if he's looking at state-sponsored 190 visa in which case it also needs to be on the state's skilled migration occupation list).

Perhaps he should speak with a migration agent to see what options he may have.
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