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Just a question regarding the "An additional pathway to permanent residence for New Zealand citizens - Skilled Independent Visa 189"

I am a NZ citizen, If i have been to Australia from October 2014 till July 2015 continuously with the intention of staying permanently, and ended up having to leave Australia due to running out of money and not having a source of income to continue living here, having bank accounts, medicare, and worked a few jobs here.. would that classify it as usually resident as i had the intention to stay here as it says on their definition: " What does 'Usually Resident' in Australia mean?
The place that a person is 'usually resident' is assessed taking into account their physical residence (where the person eats, sleeps, has a home) and the person's intention to make that place their home"
and ""Australian permanent resident
A non-citizen who, being usually resident in Australia, is the holder of a permanent visa."

I had gone back to New Zealand.

Later i came back to Australia on April 2017, when i got a transfer from a company i was working in, to the Australian branch.

I have SCV visa 444 now and have a job earning nearly 60k so if i kept this job for the next 5 years, would i be eligible for the 189 NZ pathway Visa?
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