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Hi guys,

I'm currently in Melbourne and I have secured a job offer (Full time - Test analyst - ANZSCO 261314) from Melbourne based company. And I have been working there for 3 months and living in VIC for 5 months.

I have an offshore experience of 4 years and 11 months of experience ( I know, I won't be getting any points for experience after ACS deducts 2 years ) so I'm just short one month of experience to make it 3.

So my total experience would be around 2Y 11M - offshore AND 3 months onshore
Am I still fulfilling the victorias requirement of 3 years of experience?

My total points would be like 55 + 5 (SS) + 5 partner points ~ 60 or 65 total :confused:

I heard there are very fewer chances for Software Tester in VIC. Is it same even if we have a job offer? :(

Can I directly apply for 190, without an EOI and without being waiting to VIC to picked me as I'm holding a job offer?

what is the process would be like?

After lodging a Victorian visa nomination application directly, Do I need to rely on my points? :confused:

Sorry about the long read, Much appreciate your reply

WT :rolleyes:
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