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Application 309 questions

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Dear Friends,
I have some queries regarding my case application for my PR status and partner visa. I got my first PR in 2013 under 189, since then i have made one entry to Australia for visit only. From that time onwards I am doing job outside Australia till today. Now my PR will expire in Oct 2018 but i plan to extend it. Also i am married now with one baby.

1) will they extend my PR visa if i move there in Jan, 2018 till Oct, 2018? what is current extension rates and procedure?
2) can i apply extension from here?
2) if i apply for partner visa, will they grant it keeping in view short time in my case being sponsor?
3) should i include my baby (1 year) in my partner 309 application or a complete separate case will be filled for her?
4) if i include baby in partner application, will they charge separate fees for her?
5) if i file 309 application now, can i also file a new application for visit visa if she travels with me? will it not cancel the existing application for 309?
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partner 309 visa


i had applied for partner visa 309 in 19 july 2016.after that my case officer was assigned n sept 2017.he asked me provide for evidence to proof our relationship with my husband id on going or not.then we submitted all evidence like watsaap chat,hike chats,international callings screenshots ,married certificates photos with him and family .gave all our relatives number.6 affidaift for statements for family members.but now there is no response from CO.Already 2 month had gone.i am too much worried now:):mad::rolleyes:
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