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Apply for Visa 820

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Hi everyone. In 9th of Feb it will be one year since my partner and I have moved in together (we started our relationship 1.6 years ago). As we applied to register our relationship and we are just waiting for the certificate to lodge the visa, do you reckon it’s better I lodge the visa now (I have collected all the documents and they are ready to be uploaded) and when I receive the certificate, I upload it (as I’m worried that the new legislation may come to effect this week); or still wait for the certificate?

Also, I have posted my application for registering relationship in Victoria one month ago. Does anyone know how long it takes that they send me the certificate?
Many thanks.
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Thanks Russel for your response. I know I don't need the certificate but because when we start moving in was 9th of Feb last year, certificate could have helped for the requirement of living exactly 12 month together. My main question is can I lodge my visa now (and don't wait until 9th of Feb), as I'm worried about the new legislation for partner visa?
I see. We have all the evidence.
House contract and bond for last year and this year with both our names
Joint bank account,
Joint utility bills,
Pictures of us, with our friends and both of our families in Facebook and Instagram
Form888 from three Australian residents who are my partner friends and father
Travel evidence before moving in and after that; including accommodation receipts, flight tickets
Wedding cards that we were invited and Christmas cards with both our names
Our identifications including photos of passport, birth certificate, identity card
Our payslips
Our bank statements which show money we payed and are paying for house stuff like furniture, food items,...
Our Skype and WhatsApp calls and chats before we move in (we have never been separated after we moved in 9th of Feb 2018)
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