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Hi Everyone,

Me and my long distant feyoncee are planning to apply for the 300 visa in late January 2018. We have been together for 2 years and have evidence. My fiancee is from Fiji, which is somewhat a high risk country.

List of evidence:
- 2 years of chat and call logs (will be formatted in excel and only important conversations will be provided)
- Photos while being together during travel, with our families, proposal and engagement party
- joint account
- receipts of gifts we bought each other
- reciept of engagement ring
- birthday cards and letters
- hotel/accomodation bookings
- bookings of activites (theme park tickets, day cruise)
- 4× 888 forms one from my mum, my sister and one from her aunty here in melbourne and her cousin
- other requirements (police checks, health checks and forms will be included)

My concerns are:

We have physically met each other for a total of a month during the 2 year relationship. She is a full time worker as am I therefore we can only make trips when we have leave. Although the requirements are that you only need to have met your partner once, do you think this is still an issue ? Will the case officer understand our circumstances and see our relationship as genuine ?

Me and my fiancee are hindu, but we were wondering if its possible to do a legal, non traditional wedding (civil wedding) and then do a cultural hindu wedding later (maybe after we apply for 820 visa in the future). COs are generally strict when they ask for proof of wedding and they might wonder why as hindus we did a legal wedding first not traditional. So if we have two weddings do you think this will confuse the CO?

My fiance is currently on a multiple entry 600 visa. If we apply for the 300, will the tourist visa no longer be applicable ? Or will she able to use that visa to travel at anytime during processing of pmv ?

Will next years changes for seperate sponsor applications apply to 300 visa ? I heard that the DIBP will ask for evidence of income, what do you think the threshold be ?

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