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Hi Everyone. My name is Leanne and I am an aussie currently living in Northern Ireland with my partner.

My situation is a bit tricky and I am really nervous about lodging the application. Our situation is this:

We met in Australia while my partner was on a working holiday. I was in a different relationship at the time but shane (my partner now) and I were always great friends.

I moved to NIreland and lived with my ex for about 6 months. I ended the relationship and later on Shane and i started dating. haha I know what u must all be thinking.....Anyway after a year of dating and a 3 year friendship Shane and I moved in together. We have now been living together for about 13 months and to say i want to go home is an understatement"!!!! I am sooooooooo ready to go home :(:(

Difficulties are as follows, please dont judge, we are only human.

1. my partner ( shane) overstayed his visa in australia and was not deported but asked to leave and paid own plane ticket home.

2. When he was asked to leave my ex (at the time) was also asked to leave...they were aquaintances not best mates for anyone that is wondering!!!

3. My partner was also in america for 2 years but just went home on own accord and was never asked to leave

4. He has 2 charges from when he was 18 for reckless driving & drink driving - he is now 32.

5. We only have roughly 6000 GBP in the bank at the minute (but obviously will have more saved by the time we get an answer).....

All the above issues really worry me as I just dont know what I will do If I am told we have to stay here. No offense to anyone from UK but i am really unhappy living here, so homesick :(:( I have dual citizenship but def know where I would prefer to live.

Sorry to sound like a winge lol any advice??? Anyone know of any defacto visas that were declined???

Also we have all the joint docs ie. bills, bank accts, lease etc. I am just having trouble writing the statements, feel as though it sounds a bit soppy!!

Any advice or thoughts for my app?? really appreciate it :):)

Aussie missing home BADLY!!

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Hi there,

I trust you've already looked on the DIAC site, or the Aust. embassy site where you are about the de facto visa and have also looked at the partner booklet? You may also want to look at the Immigrations Rights and Advice Centre for some very valuable information about the de facto visa and various requirements related to it.

Welcome to Immigration Advice & Rights Centre Inc.

I don't think your partner's offences will be a problem. If he did jail time of 12 months or more it would be though. And if he hasn't done anything since, it doesn't show he has a habit of comitting crimes, so shouldn't reflect badly on his application. Of course, he will have to answer truthfully to the relevant questions on the form. He may also want to explain these 2 offences in his statement.

As for people leaving by themselves after overstaying, only Shane will have to declare this on his application. He can explain the circumstances in the application or in his witnessed statement to help his case.

I totally understand how much you miss Australia :) I think that you will both get there eventually, it's just a matter of jumping through the hoops :)
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