Acquiring a vehicle in Mexico

Arranging transport when landing in Australia​
It is nearly impossible to list all of the actions required when looking to move to Australia to begin a new life in a new country. There may be property to sell in your former homeland, there may be financial assets to reorganise, there may be employment opportunities in your new homeland and even the most organised of expats will find it difficult during the first few weeks.

Perhaps one of the less talked about areas which needs consideration is transportation when you actually land in Australia!

Stay mobile and stay sane

Whether you like it or not, you may have your favourite car back home, you may have had that particular vehicle for many years but the cost of transporting it to Australia will likely be enormous compared to its value. This poses a significant problem for many expats in the fact that in order to become aware of your new surroundings, to explore and discover things you never knew existed, you will need transport and you will need to be mobile. While public transport in Australia is very good, it does not beat your own car!

There will obviously be implications with regards to your driving style, driving regulations in Australia and you may even need to take a new driving test. However, many countries around the world are recognised in Australia and therefore for example UK licence will give you a significant head start when landing.

Choosing a new vehicle

Whether you decide to initially hire a car or perhaps you are looking to acquire a new vehicle as soon as possible, you will need transport, you will need wheels and they will need to be reliable. There are various companies out there including that will make your decision simple, assist you where possible and ensure that you actually get the vehicle which is suitable for you. There is no point spending money on a new vehicle to find it does not suit the terrain in which you live, does not suit your driving habits and is too expensive to run!

When you land in Australia you will likely come across a number of familiar faces in the world of transport. The vast majority of international automobile companies will have a significant presence in the country so there's every chance you will not be jumping into a vehicle which is alien to you.

Understanding driving regulations in Australia

As we touched on above, no two countries will have the same driving regulations and you will need to be fully aware of any issues in Australia compared to your former homeland. The chances are that car dealerships will be able to offer you advice in this area, they should be able to point you in the right direction and hopefully put your mind at rest. Once you have tackled this issue the world is literally your oyster, well Australia is, so enjoy the scenery, enjoy the wildlife and above all enjoy your new life!