Australia is aiming to give entrepreneurs a rare opportunity to fast track their business growth and take on the world through a new programme called Elevate 61, it has been announced.

It is part of a new alliance formalised between KPMG Australia and not-for-profit global organisation Advance to provide entrepreneurs with a solid foundation for accelerated growth.


Elevate 61 is described as part boot camp, part connectivity for entrepreneurs​

"It's part boot camp, part connectivity for entrepreneurs. KPMG is providing coaching and workshops to help high-potential companies navigate through the myriad of expansion challenges such as corporate structuring, valuations, research and development, tax and accounting," said KPMG's Australia's head of innovation, Martin Sheppard.

"Likewise we are bringing our extensive network of clients keen to share, learn and potentially collaborate with these entrepreneurs. And critically, Advance is providing its experience in delivering similar programs and introductions to potential customers and investors through its innovation ecosystem in the Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, New York and Australia," he explained.

A good business can become a great business with the right connections and advice, according to Advance chief executive officer Serafina Maiorano. "Elevate has been designed to leverage the strengths of Advance and KPMG to help participants achieve rapid traction and growth in Australia and the US through access to global corporations, US based networks of advisers and the investor community," she said.

Elevate 61 is the culmination of the experience gained from Advance's two previous highly successful innovation programs combined with KPMG Australia's experience supporting and working with entrepreneurs and other accelerator programmes.

What differentiates the Elevate 61 programme is that it is focused on helping post-seed-funded enterprise start-ups to build sustainable global businesses.

Advance focuses on the exchange of knowledge, connections and ideas to build entrepreneurial Australian companies globally. It is a community of more than one million "global Australians" and two million alumni of Australian universities who are forging connections and drawing on eachother's expertise and networks to open doors, create opportunities and act as a brain resource for Australia.

For KPMG Australia, Elevate 61 will deepen its connections with the entrepreneurial world, improve awareness of and access to the pipeline of disruptive technologies, and provide unique mentoring opportunities for partners and senior staff.

"Elevate 61 is a unique opportunity to mix with and join the A-list of high performing entrepreneurs. We're looking for entrepreneurs from a range of industries who have an established pipeline of clients, product in the market and the potential to scale up their business," said Sheppard.

Target industries for the programme are agriculture, energy and natural resources, financial services, healthcare, infrastructure, telecommunications and media.

"Participants will receive intensive training to help them meet the many challenges they'll face when they grow into a globally competitive business. They'll have access to Advance's global network and experience and KPMG's extensive practical insights and experience with corporates and investment readiness," explained Sheppard.

"They will learn how to build a network, how to deal with enterprises, learn to get business fundamentals right, and discover how to take the next steps to growing their business," he added.

Elevate 61will be opened to applications in late January 2015. The training programme will begin in April, with the experience including travel to the USA in May to meet with potential investors and new international customers, and an investor roadshow in Australian capital cities in June.