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The Outlook on Australian Immigration

The Australian Immigration process looks very intimidating, as there are many strict visa requirements that only allow the most persevering and most skilled individuals to be given the opportunity to enter the country. The current system though has proven that the best and the brightest of other countries are being attracted to life in the country. The good thing about this system is its adaptability to the changing landscape of Australia, with emphasis on the current population and economic trends, to have immigrants and entrants into the economy those which can prove helpful to particular areas of the economic workforce. There has been criticism of the implementation but this system that has steadily allowed Australia to remain stable in terms of its economic capacity and efficient in its control of its borders.

In order to determine your current status' viability for a visa, you need to visit to determine the points you have earned and what particular kind of visa is best suited to your capacities. This test is the best gauge of your chances to get a visa, with an advisory on your qualifications for a visa to Australia.

The Australian Economy

The Australian economy has undergone many changes in the past decade. It remained strong and stable despite the current worldwide recession. Though it is an island in the middle of the ocean, the Australian economy has continued to flourish and develop, allowing Australia to retain its standing as one of the most developed countries in the world.

This further burgeoning economy has steadily increased the demand for more skilled workers in specific sectors of the economy in key areas in Australia. It is accepted that this growing demand for skilled labor, together with the opportunity for full family migration, makes Australia a haven for those seeking a better life for themselves and their kin.

The Australian Immigration System

The Australian immigration system is set into motion when an individual applies for a specific visa for a specific purpose. The specific purpose must be suited to your requirements, experience and skills. Each item you fill out is translated into points dependent upon the Australian government's determination.

The points earned are dependent on your particular skills, age, language ability, specific work experience, spouse skills as well as the individual work skills that are in demand in the Australian marketplace. Bonus points are also given but the main points scored are for those individual characteristics identified above. Once you have completed the application, you will be informed of the points earned and from there you can determine the particular visa that you are eligible.

There are two stages that comprise the application process. After receipt of your points earned, there are no guarantees of acceptance into Australia. The whole visa application process can take up to eighteen months or longer. So do be prepared for the long haul once you have made the decision to apply for a visa to Australia.

Many first world countries have received varied criticism on their current immigration policies. Australia has distinguished itself from these groups of nations as its own immigration policies have been geared towards assimilating migrants into the country to best serve the needs and demands of the Australian economy. Though it may seem that the Australian immigration system is a difficult one to overcome, as the points system seems to differentiate the qualified from the unqualified, the fact that it is easy to adjust and an effective working system makes it worth taking a look at. Here is how the Australian immigration system works to make it the best in the world.

The immigration system into Australia provides six main visas for entry into the country. These are the following:
  • Skilled Visa. This visa requires individuals to have particular work experience which is helpful or needed in the Australian business market.
There are many kinds of skilled visa types that can be availed of for travel to Australia. This kind of visa allows an individual to relocate the whole family Down Under. The following are the types of skilled visas available.

1) Skilled Independent Visa - This visa is specially tailored visa for workers who retain a particular skill or experience that can help the Australian economy.

2) Skilled Sponsored Visa - This is for workers who have connections that are resident of Australia. Here, the resident in Australia sponsors the applicant who have skills and/or work experience that is in demand in the country.

3) Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa - This kind of visa requires the participation of the state government or a family member who inhabits a "designated area" of the country. This kind of visa is designed to attract a certain craftsmen or other skilled workers to certain areas of the country.

4) Skilled Regional Visa - This visa is exclusively for those who have been living in Australia and is the means to obtain the coveted Permanent Resident visa. There are many conditionalities required in order to obtain this kind of visa.

5) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme Visa - This kind of visa scheme allows employers in certain areas of the country to sponsor skilled workers from overseas to fill in particular vacancies. This visa scheme is limited to certain areas of Australia.

6) Skills Matching Visa - This is the alternative route to those who fail to acquire the specified points score to qualify for a visa to Australia. Here, those who failed to meet the minimum points requirement would seek out the nomination from an Australian State or Territorial authority or employer for reconsideration of your visa application.

7) Labour Agreements Visa- At some point in time, the Australian economy would have a shortfall of skilled workers for a particular industry. Thus under this scheme, the employer would be allowed to engage the services of migrant workers to meet the demand for skilled labor. This kind of employment may either be temporary or permanent in nature.

8) Graduate Skilled Visa - This kind of visa offers foreign students in Australia and has relatives in the country to be retained through employment in Australia. This only helps the economy as the skills provided by the Australian education system is used within the Australian economy.
  • Working Holiday Visa. This visa is given to those under 31 years of age looking to live and work in Australia for a maximum period of two years.
  • Travel Visa. This visa is given to those individuals wanting to take a holiday or short business trip into Australia.
  • Student Visa. This kind of visa is provided to those individuals seeking to be enrolled in the Australian education system. There are many options and benefits for an individual granted this kind of visa.
  • Business Visa. This visa is provided to entrepreneurs and business executives looking for opportunities in Australia. The continued growth of the borderless economies have been recognized as a key to the overall growth of the Australian economy, by allowing foreign companies to expand into the country. The following are the kinds of business visas provided by the Australian immigration system.
1) Business Owner Visa - This is a visa issued to people who are owners or part owners of businesses seeking to establish in Australia.

2) Senior Executive Visa - This is a visa issued to senior executives or management of companies that are already established in Australia.

3) Investor Visa - This visa is issued to individuals who are looking to invest their money in business ventures within Australia.

4) Business Talent Visa - This visa program allows sponsorship by a State or Territory government for individuals with the skill sets that are most in demand in Australia.

There are two ways to gain entry into Australia via the business route. The first one recommends applying for a business skills visa first. Once issued, it is valid for four years which is ample time for an individual to establish the business in Australia. Once the period provided for the provisional business skills visa is up, the next step would be applying for a residence business visa allowing them more rights in Australia once granted.

The second means to gain entry is through the business talent visa way. This is given to those high caliber talented and skilled individuals that can provide their capacities for the Australian economy.
  • Family Visa. This visa is provided to those with relatives in Australia. The visa also provides an option for these individuals to move into the country for the long-term. The following are the particular areas that fall under the family visa sector.
1) Spouse and Partner Migration. This is the most basic form of visa granted under this system. Here the applicant must be married to or engaged to or is dependent upon a partner who is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or a New Zealander that is eligible under the current laws of Australia.

2) Child Migration. This option provides visas to dependent child or children, orphan or orphans and adopted child or children of an Australian citizen. Permanent residents of Australia would be able to petition their child/children or dependents in the same manner. Do be wary of the consequent effects of immigration on their development.

3) Parent Migration. These visas are issued to the parents of Australian citizens or permanent residents or eligible New Zealanders. Upon issuance, the parent or parents would be allowed entry into the country to live with their children.

4) Other Family Migration. This is the visa option that provides a "catchall" for individual applicants not falling in the above enumeration. These visas can be issued to individuals that are dependent relatives, aging relatives or carers of Australian citizens, permanent residents of Australia or eligible New Zealand citizens. This also serves as a preparatory step for permanent residency in Australia.


With a robust economy and a beautiful landscape, Australia has become a haven for expats and immigrants the world over. Despite the difficulties attendant to the immigration process, the queues have not shortened nor the resolve for individuals to apply and hope for a visa diminished. The grant of the visa is only the first step in the journey towards having a fruitful and comfortable life in Australia.

Do remember that as an immigrant into Australia, your stay is subject to compliance with current legislation in the country. This grant of entry may be withdrawn at any time should there be sufficient cause for it. You can though become one of the success stories in Australia, so long as you are able to find your niche in the country upon the granting of the visa. If you have skills and capacities, then Australia is the place for you as it is now in the crest of attracting the best and brightest for the country's developmental ends.