Australia, which has always been a favourite honeymoon destination, is also becoming an increasingly popular place to get married as the rules and regulations for overseas couples make it easier to tie the knot.

There are a number of legal requirements and any couples intending to marry must have the right documents before leaving their own country. They must be over 18 and free to marry. All paperwork must be current and have been dated and witnessed no less than a month and a day before the wedding and no more than 18 months prior.

The documents required include birth certificates, valid passports and visas for Australia, and an original Notice of Intention to Marry form from an Australian Consulate or Embassy.

There is a minimum requirement of one day's residency in Australia before the actual ceremony and if either or both partner is divorced the decree absolute will also be needed and will a death certificate and previous marriage certificate for anyone whose previous spouse is deceased.

In Australia many resorts, hotels and boutique guesthouses are geared up to providing wedding venues and have special packages and wedding planners.

Among the most popular wedding venues are beach houses and rainforest hideaways including the island paradise resort of Hayman Island in the Whitsundays.

World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island is also a very special place for a quite wedding in beautiful surroundings with stunning views and Uluru is another popular backdrop for nuptials.

Other wedding destinations include vineyards, the wilderness, as well as more unusual locations such as an underwater wedding at Seawalker, Green Island and Dreamworld's Tiger Island where tigers roam across the viewing platform. There are also surfers inspired weddings on the Gold Coast and a venue on Whitehaven Beach that boasts that it has the world's whitest sands.