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Good day,

I have just applied for Australian citizenship online yesterday, and submitted the following;

*Evidence of first arrival in Australia (present foreign passport stamps for entry into Australia)
*Evidence of present country of citizenship (present foreign passport)
*Evidence of date of birth, and birth name (birth certificate)
*Document including photograph, and signature (Australian drivers licence)
*Form 1195 Identity declaration
*Evidence of address (internet bill)

Now, after doing the upload, and making payment, there's another different section to attach other documents which I believe this is for supporting documentation for the citizenship application.

My question is centred on satisfying the "close and continuing link to Australia which is considered if one has,

*a child who is an Australian citizen
*a partner who is an Australian citizen and your time together
*extended family in Australia
*spent time in Australia
*a bank account in Australia
*job in Australia
*paid income tax in Australia
*property in Australia

Are the above then the areas where I need to provide supporting information to vouch for my citizenship application?

Many thanks for your help.
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