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I find myself in a bit of a confusing situation:

My sister and I would like to apply for the Australian citizenship. My father was born in Australia, moved back to Europe (Germany) with his family when he was 11, and then told me that he acquired the German Citizenship when he was 17 or so.

I always thought my Dad automatically lost the Australian Citizenship when he 'became German'. That would make my sister an me both be 'born to a former Australian citizen'. My dad told me that he never officially renounced the Australian citizenship, which I know would not have mattered because one automatically lost Australian citizenship by acquiring another one before 2004.

But when he applied for a new Australian passport in 2015, it was granted without him having to ask the Department of Home Affairs for resumption of his Australian Citizenship. I first thought the Australian authorities might just not have noticed that he was also German and he slipped through the grid. His brother did the exact same thing though. And on top of that, the documents they showed to identify themselves to the Australian Authorities, were German (passport and identity card). Surely, they would have noticed, that my uncle and my dad weren't officially Australian any more in 2015, right? Or is there any other way of how they would have kept the Australian citizenship throughout the last 30 years?

Why do I ask all this? Because I don't know which way is right to apply for us now. We don't know it my father was Australian by the time of our birth or not. He doesn't either. If anyone has an idea, I would be very grateful :))

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