It may be a good time to look for a job in Australia as employers are finding it harder to find skilled professionals than they were a year ago, particularly in IT and engineering.

The latest global skills index from recruiters Hays says that there is a talent mismatch in Australia, which means that those applying for skilled positions don't have the experience and qualifications sought.

engineers-ozThe report, published in collaboration with Oxford Economics, shows that despite an existing pool of labour, employers in high skill industries can still find it difficult to fill jobs that require highly skilled professionals.

'Employers in industries such as engineering, IT, life sciences, financial services and professional services have higher demand for talent than those in low skill industries,' said Nick Deligiannis, managing director of Hays in Australia and New Zealand.

'As it takes time to undertake the training necessary to work in these industries, it makes them more vulnerable to skill shortages since the number of people qualified to start work cannot be changed quickly. This is creating a talent mismatch,' he added.

He pointed out that Australia's increase from 5.0 to 5.1 on the overall index shows increased pressure in the job market which means that it is slightly harder to secure the right talent now than it was a year ago.

A score of 8.0 for wage pressure in high skill industries, unchanged since 2014, also suggests that Australia faces a shortage of highly skilled talent in high skill industries since wages in high skill industries are rising much quicker than those in low skill industries.

'As our economy successfully transitions from the mining to the services sectors headcounts are growing, market buoyancy is evident and employers report increased business activity,' Deligiannis explained.

'Given sentiment you'd expect commensurate salary pressure, however employers instead remain cost conscious. It remains to be seen how long this anomaly will last. Already turnover is rising and the shortage of highly skilled candidates in high skill industries is leading to wage pressure from candidates,' he added.