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Hi Guys,

I am facing a confusing situation regarding my skill assessment and australian study. I would greatly appreciate if you could share your opinions with me.

here is a short brief about my case:

I have a bachelor degree (agricultural engineering) from overseas and Master degree ( MBA) from Australia. Engineering Australia has assessed me as "engineering technologist" and assessed my degree as broadly equivalent to Australian associate degree.

I understand that i can only claim 10 points for my qualification. However, i m not sure wether i can claim 5 points for my australian study qualification. my agent is suggestion that as EA did not assess my bachelor degree as equivalent to australian bachelor degree, i cannot claim the 5 point for my australian master degree!!! (because i need to have a bachelor degree before obtaining a master degree).

n.b. my MBA degree meet the requirement for 2 years study and 16 calendar month duration. and i already granted TR based on that!

my other points:
age: 30
naati: 5
ielts: 10
state sponsorship (190): 5

your help would be greatly appreciated.

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