Australia is known for many things including beaches, weather, kangaroos and koalas but it would seem that what many Australians like is the country's aviation industry.

New research has found that 46% of Australians want to work in the aviation sector including both men and women, all age groups and in every state apart from Western Australia where jobs in mining and resources dominate the jobs wish list.

The research from employer group Randstad found that aviation is perceived by workers as offering opportunities in training, as having interesting job content and working atmosphere.


The sector is also rated highly for strong management, work-life balance, being environmentally and socially aware, as well as for offering career progression opportunities and excellent salary and employee benefits. It is perceived to have more attractive attributes than any other sector.

The research also found that the majority of Australians, some 84%, consider travelling for work as an added value to their job, with 55% of those surveyed saying they would like to have a job which requires international travel, yet only a quarter currently do.

Overall the top three most attractive companies to work for in Australia were in the Aviation and aerospace sector, topped by Virgin Australia, then national airline Qantas and in third place Bae Systems.

The research also found that working for the Government also remains an attractive sector for Australians with nine out of the top 20 most attractive employer organisations this year being state and federal government organisations.

Government agencies rated highly across virtually all attributes, placing first for providing long term job security, good work-life balance and being environmentally and socially aware.

Some 84% of workers said that they would leave their current job to work for a company with a better corporate reputation.

Virgin Australia was recognised as being particularly attractive when it comes to offering a good work-life balance, a pleasant working atmosphere and strong management. It was also recognised as the most attractive employer for women and people in the 25 to 44 age bracket.

Qantas popularity soared this year after being fifth in 2015, and only just missing the top spot by 0.04%. For people in the 18 to 24 and 45plus age bracket, Qantas took the top spot, while both men and women found it the second most attractive employer, and Qantas was perceived as standing out for offering a pleasant working atmosphere.

BAE Systems was named the third most attractive employer, up from being placed 14th last year. It has consistently being in the top 20 since Randstad Award's inception in 2011. BAE Systems stands out as a great place to work particularly by men, and workers aged in the 45 plus age group.