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Best Visa Route Advice

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We are beginning our journey to move to Oz from UK. My partner is an Australian citizen through decent and has a passport. However, our 1 year old daughter and I are not and have UK passports.

My partner and I have looked at some Visa possibilities but wondering if anyone has situations similar and could direct accordingly?

We seem to see the partner visa or skilled independent as an option at the moment. We'd obviously need a child visa for our daughter. Please share your wisdom.
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You will be able to work on a bridging visa.
You can come on a visitor visa, apply for a partner visa and you'll be granted a bridging visa with work rights. Bridging visa will become active once your visitor visa expires (usually, after 3 months stay, but could be longer depending on your visa)
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Yes, myself and many others used Medicare before bridging visa kicks in while on a tourist visa.
It's on the official website:

You can enrol in Medicare if you’ve applied for either:

a permanent residency visa
a permanent protection visa.
You’ll need to give us all of these documents:

a current passport or Immicard
a valid visa
proof from the Department of Home Affairs that you’ve applied for permanent residency.
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