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Best Visa Route Advice

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We are beginning our journey to move to Oz from UK. My partner is an Australian citizen through decent and has a passport. However, our 1 year old daughter and I are not and have UK passports.

My partner and I have looked at some Visa possibilities but wondering if anyone has situations similar and could direct accordingly?

We seem to see the partner visa or skilled independent as an option at the moment. We'd obviously need a child visa for our daughter. Please share your wisdom.
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Sounds like a partner visa would be just need to decide if you want to wait the processing time in the UK and apply offshore or if you want to come to OZ first and apply onshore...your daughter can be included in that application or maybe see if she also qualifies for Australian citizenship by decent
Thanks for this. I will look in to this now. Very kind of you to offer your advice.
like ZubiSim said, lots of people get a visitor visa, then apply onshore for 820 and can start working once the bridging visa comes into effect... I myself am doing exactly this for the second time now...

As you are from the UK, you can apply for eVisitor for yourself and your daughter online and it will be granted pretty instantly. Validity for eVisitor is 3 months. So lets assume you enter Australia 1st of April, then apply onshore for 820, you will have a bridging visa from 1st of July. This will come with work rights as well as access to medicare (equivalent to the NHS in the UK).

If you go down this route make sure you get adequate travel insurance for the 3 months you're not covered by medicare

If you use the search function in the forum and just type 820, you will get lots of threads with all sorts of scenarios and questions.
oh and another thing... you'll need a UK police clearance certificate (apply through ACRO website) and the processing times are quite long, so best to get that done sooner and while still in the UK, as they only post via "normal" royal mail and that takes forever OR you have to fork out GBP 50 for a courier service on top of the application fee
And just to clarify Medicare can be applied for once the 820/801 visa has been submitted and is in effect from when the medicare is granted. No need to wait for a bridging visa.
you will need to wait for the bridging visa to come into effect to get medicare (same with work rights)... however you can hand in the application as soon as you applied for 820
I did it myself about 10 years ago and am about to do it again now... Both Medicare and work rights will come into effect once the bridging visa kicks in at the end of the validity of the current visa

All info is on the Medicare website as well:

Or if you put Medicare in the search here in the forum, you'll find some others experience as well

There is no way anyone using Medicare on a tourist visa...
This is incorrect as noted in the above responses (and the link you posted).
So just to clarify, you're saying I can apply for medicare when I submit my 820 and the actual medicare cover could start before my bridging visa kicks in?

if that's the case, I am very happy to be wrong :)
The ACRO certificate takes 2 weeks from application to delivery to Aus. I’ve applied for two and it’s the quickest process.
That's so fast... Mine took nearly 6 weeks... Maybe it's because I'm not a UK citizen?
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