Australia's gain is another country's loss. As more and more skilled workers from various parts of the globe migrate to the land Down Under, underdeveloped countries continue to suffer the consequences.

Lured by the increasing job opportunities, thousands of people from varying nationalities seek the proverbial greener pastures of Australia. The country's phenomenal economic growth is currently in full swing creating, a growing shortage of workers.

Chief Executive Assyl Haidar expressed in their website LIVE IN australia. com that the Australian government should "maintain a strong migration program to support its economic gains".

Seeing that need, the Federal Government has allocated part of its budget for continued government support for skilled migration programs for the next two years. Australia's Minister for Immigration and Citizenship, Senator Chris Evans, stated that 'Foreign skilled labor is an important driver of economic growth and contributes to increased productivity and labor force levels.'

Haidar, in the meantime, said that 'according to the World Bank's research, Australia receives the greatest net 'brain gain' from its migration program. The facts show that skilled migrants deliver immediate economic benefits as well as help in training young Australians.'

He added that, "These individuals will not only bring needed skills and experience to the job, but are also very positive contributors to the economy and the community. Skilled migrants who apply for permanent residency in Australia also bring their own assets to the country - on the average in excess of $700,000 and often with a young family in tow."

Though the diaspora and brain drain continues, it is not all disadvantageous to the migrant's country of origin. For a fact, billions of dollars return to that country by way of remittances to their families.

In the end, maybe it is a win-win situation for everybody.

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