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Hello everyone, I waited so long for this day: my visa was granted today!!
11 months and 21 days later!!

I've wanted to create this thread because it is really difficult to find any information regarding the australian embassy in Brazil.
Also, this community has been so amazing and I've learned so much from everyone here, even more information than needed for my type of visa, so I want to say a big THANK YOU!! I saved a lot of money with your help when I decided to follow the instructions here instead of hiring an agent.

Now to what really matters....

Visa: PMV (Subclass 300) - Online application
Application submitted: 30th October 2014
Medicals requested: 14th August 2015
Medicals submitted: 8th September 2015
Visa grant: 21st October 2015.

- After 3 months of our application submission we called dibp (the only time we did) to get some info and we heard that processing time was 9-12 months.
- First time we heard from them was 10 months after submission. They requested: medicals and Form80.
- We submitted it all + I renewed my police clearance because it would expire in November.
- We heard from them again on October 12th. Apparently my Form80 wasn't showing to them even though it was correctly uploaded to the immi website.
- On October 18th I sent them our new NOIM. The next morning I got a call saying our wedding date was too far, because our visa was about to be finalized.
- Today I sent them a new NOIM with an earlier date and 1hour later I got my visa!
- Because my meds + police are from last month, I was given 9 months to enter Australia.

ps.: No interviews for us.


My fiancé and I met while I was studying abroad in Australia. We dated there for 6 months, so we had many pictures together. After I came back home, he visited me twice and I went to Australia 2 times as well. So we saw each other in March, July, December/January and June.

- File with pictures. They included our oldest picture, pictures during trips, with family (both) and friends.
- Postcards we sent to each other.
- File with tax invoices + credit card statement regarding gifts we sent to each other.
- Wedding invitations on both of our names.
- Boarding passes with seats together and hotel reservations from trips.
- Flight tickets from when we traveled to meet each other.
- Joint bank account.
- File with FaceTime calls.
- Personal statements telling our story.

ps.: I sent updates after 6 months with news pictures and new FaceTime calls.


- All the usual
- 2 forms 888 from his brother and his best friend/flatmate.
- 2 forms 888 from my mother and brother (they were both written in english and later certified)
- I only had a certified translation for: birth certificate, police check and medical report.
- At my medical check it was requested a medical report from my psychiatrist stating my condition as an OCD patient, just in case. On the report my doctor explained what is OCD, the gravity of my condition, how I've been treated (which medication) and how long he thinks my meds will be needed for.

I hope this might be helpful to someone! If someone wants to know something else I'd be glad to help.:)
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