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Hi there,

My partner (applicant) and I begun the partner visa process in June of last year, therefore approx 10 months ago. I have finished my studies and she finishes hers in June, and after she has finished we will be travelling around Europe. Europe is our main destination and we plan to spend 3 months there, and we have been told that a holiday as a 'celebration' upon completion of her studies is a sufficient reason to be granted the BVB for the regular 3 months.

We would like to make the most of our trip before going back to Australia and starting our careers by visiting my partner's family, one half in the US, and the rest of her family in Vietnam, each destination for 1 month each. This would take the duration of our planned trip to 5 months or more, from the end of June to the start of December. The start of December would then be approximately 17 months from when we first applied for the partner visa.

Our main question is this: given our reasoning for her travelling, with the majority of it being for leisure and to celebrate the completion of her studies, but also to visit family after the first 3 months, WHAT IS THE LIKELIHOOD of her being granted a BVB for longer than the regular 3 months? (or even for the period of 5 months we wish for)

Me (sponsor) and my partner would be together the whole time while she is outside of Australia, and we will definitely be coming back by December as I have to start back at work. While we were made to believe by our agent initially that it was very possible to be granted the BVB for longer given our reasoning, it has just been put to us that the only way to get a longer BVB is to have a serious reason, such as a death in the family.

A further question on this would be, if it is still a possibility to be get a longer BVB in our case, when should we apply? Our agent recommends only 2 weeks prior to departure but for such a trip we don't feel that is enough in case something goes wrong, but that is just our uneducated view.

Additional notes: a few days ago we received a request for supporting documents from the case worker via our agent (the first we've heard from the department since applying), however I don't know if this actually means anything. Would be great to hear if this piece of info is an indication of anything.
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