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Hello everyone
I have submitted my bvb application online but haven't received any submission acknowledgment email, I can't follow up with my application neither know the progress of the application! by now I still 3 days away from the 2 weeks minimum period of time of applying for bvb before the traveling date, the paying part for the application was so confusing! I had to log in to my immiaccount and submit a payment there then add the receipt number to my bvb application form, I'm not sure if that would be sufficient even my details on my immiaccount are a bit old and doesn't match my new details on the form, The immigration knows about my new details yet the immiaccount wasn't updated,

another last thing the email section on the bvb form does't allow the letters of the email to appear completely! would they still find away to contact me back once the visa is granted, or could that be the reason why I didn't receive an application submission acknowledgment in the first place!?

If anyone have any information or was in any similar situation please I need your advice as I'm confused even after calling the immigration office this morning I'm not convinced that my application have been submitted correctly because I'm expecting to receive a submission acknowledgment email and that never happened! so is that normal!? please help,

Thank you all in advance
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