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I had a complicated visa history and I am not sure whether I can apply for citizenship now or not. Here is the brief details of my visa conditions:

- I started living in Australia since July 2009 on Student visa
- applied for Temporary graduate visa in March 2013 which was refused because I forgot to submit one document.
- had to reapply it again; however, as it had been over 6 months since my completion of the degree, my Temporary graduate visa was not granted.
- requested MRT review, which was later refused.
- Bridging visa A expired after 28 days of the MRT decision issued
- Granted Bridging visa E as I requested for Ministerial Intervention.
- stayed in Australia with BV E for 3 months
- withdrew the Ministerial Intervention application as I had enough points to apply for Permanent residency visa
- So it has been slightly over a year now in Australia with PR visa

Apart from the fact that I had held BV E for three months, I am able to fulfill the residency requirement to apply for citizenship. There was not a day that my stay in Australia was illegal (without visa).

I heard some people saying that BV E resets the time period of the stay in Australia.
Is it true that all the period of stay before BV E is not counted towards the residency requirement?

Thank you for any advice.
Hey I found your question. Your situation is similar to my friends. He's also on a bridge e after some documentations were missing in 485. Were you allowed to apply for a pr visa for skills select on a bridge e? Please get in contact with me I'm willing to Remunerate for your experience. Thks
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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