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Hi all,

Hope you're able to help with my case.

I finished a masters course and received a completion letter on 12 Jul 2017. I then traveled to Vietnam for a couple of months and came back to Australia on a visitor visa on 30 Dec 2017 in order to apply for the 485 visa.

My visitor visa is a one-year expiring on the 5 Sep 2018 and it allows multiple entry, so I can still get back to Australia till then.

I submitted my 485 application on 2 Jan 2018, and was granted a bridging visa A on 5 Jan, which says it hasn't been in effect as my visitor visa is still in effect at the moment.

Now I would like to travel back to Vietnam for a month for Tet Holiday from 2 Feb to 10 March 2018 but I'm not sure whether I'll meet the requirement to be in Australia when the decision on 485 visa is made.

So I have a few questions on this:
1. Does this mean I'm currently still on visitor visa or BVA? I didn't know why an agent told me that I'm on BVA and not visitor anymore.
2. Can I travel on my visitor visa or must I apply for BVB first? Because I'm confident that I'll be able to return before my visa expires, just want to make sure it's allowed.
3. Will the case officer delay processing my visa until I'm back in Australia again? As I'll still be on visitor visa at that time so I can't work at all if it takes a few more months.
4. How can I know when the decision on my application is about to be made? Will the case officer inform me about this?
5. Will traveling like this adversely affect my chance of getting the visa, or will it be granted once I'm back in Australia?
6. I called the DIBP to get an answer and the staff told me to attach a letter in my application to explain my travel plans. Do you think it's a good idea?
7. Is this traveling plan too long that it may not be allowed?

I know this is quite complicated so thank you in advance!
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