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Hi guys,
This is my first post on here, hope somebody can help and thanks so much in advance if anyone can.

Question is complicated one I think...
My wife is currently on BVE awaiting appeal hearing with AAT to try get her student visa back.
We now want to apply for an 820 partner visa. Have been living together for 2 years, married 2 month ago, shared bank accounts etc.
Does anyone know if there might be a good way for us to apply for the 820 on shore in lieu of the above.
To go off shore we can apply right away but don’t want to be apart and want try and get it done here.
Looking at the option of her going home
(she is from a high risk country) and returning on a tourist visa also seems tricky as a ‘no further stay’ restriction will probably be placed in it.
I’m on a 189 PR visa.
Would really love to hear there are some ways for us around off shore application.
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