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Hi all,

Need your help on this concern please.

My university has approved my request for intermission due to medical reasons. My course had just started last Nov 2018 and due to my request, I have been granted a new CoE with a new start date: Mar 2019.

I had a medical operation and would need a few more weeks to recover. However, once my health is back on track, I’d like to know if I am permitted to work.

I have the 8105 condition on my student visa which states that I can only work once my course has commenced. But it also says that there are no work restrictions if my course has been deferred based on standard 9 of the national code, which I believe my case falls under since it was granted due to compassionate and compelling reasons.

My VeVo indicates there have been no changes to my visa. I also called the DHA 3 times and they say I am allowed to work as my course is considered out of session (they read verbatim the part about course deferral or suspensions) but I feel a little uncertain about their answers as they were given as a generic response. I do not want to breach my visa condition and risk getting my visa cancelled.

I am confused about deferral vs intermission as a lot of school and govt websites seem to use them interchangeably. In my case, I think it is considered an intermission because the semester has already started (I got the approval a week after course started).

Lastly, if the DHA is the authority in these matters and they provided me wrong information, am I still liable if I follow their advice?

Hope someone could enlighten me.

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