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Can you be denied to study on a Bridging Visa A?

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Hello :) ,

I was interested to enrol in a course for next year, 2018, namely a Certificate IV. The length of the course is only 6 months (one semester, commencing january 2018) and they asked which visa I held.

When I said I hold a Bridging Visa A with full study rights, I was said they could not accept my bridging visa. Is this legal/possible? I have full study rights...

Should I just insist? In their email, they state "we can only go by the original visa". But my original visa no longer exists :confused: They also say "bring your paperwork and we can see then". What can I expect if I go? Just a refusal? I don't also want to waste my time.

Any help would be much appreciated
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You may need to explain that you're on a BVA to an 820 and show them this:

Your visa grant notification explains the conditions of your visa as well. At the very bottom of the pdf, it says "Permission to study: When your bridging visa (class WA) is in effect, you will have full permission to study."

I would show them the website, that you have applied for the 820/801, and the entire BVA grant notice (not just the grant part). Probably wouldn't hurt to take a printout of your BVA status in VEVO as well to prove the BVA is in effect. I like to come prepared when dealing with people that don't understand the process.
It sounds like they may be unsure of your particular case. Maybe they know that people can have BVAs but they aren't active yet? I would attempt to take your paperwork in first and explain the situation. Then, if after you've made it clear you are eligible to study and they still refuse you, you could take the complaint route.

In visa matters, it doesn't surprise me that there may have been a miscommunication.
A quick Google search shows that there are different requirements based on what course you're trying to enrol. One says that while a BVA holder, they go off the conditions of the original visa you entered Oz on and a different set of courses says the same thing but adds a part saying unless DIBP had provided additional conditions on the bridging visa.

Your best bet is to go in with your paperwork and discuss in person.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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