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Can you be denied to study on a Bridging Visa A?

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Hello :) ,

I was interested to enrol in a course for next year, 2018, namely a Certificate IV. The length of the course is only 6 months (one semester, commencing january 2018) and they asked which visa I held.

When I said I hold a Bridging Visa A with full study rights, I was said they could not accept my bridging visa. Is this legal/possible? I have full study rights...

Should I just insist? In their email, they state "we can only go by the original visa". But my original visa no longer exists :confused: They also say "bring your paperwork and we can see then". What can I expect if I go? Just a refusal? I don't also want to waste my time.

Any help would be much appreciated
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Is it legal / possible - yes they don't have to accept a student if they don't want to regardless of the reason.

If your visa allows for work or study then there is nothing preventing you. Open VEVO and have a look it will show you conditions there
Well.. there is something preventing me: them :D :(

Skybluebrewer said:
You may need to explain that you're on a BVA to an 820 and show them this:

Your visa grant notification explains the conditions of your visa as well. At the very bottom of the pdf, it says "Permission to study: When your bridging visa (class WA) is in effect, you will have full permission to study."

I would show them the website, that you have applied for the 820/801, and the entire BVA grant notice (not just the grant part). Probably wouldn't hurt to take a printout of your BVA status in VEVO as well to prove the BVA is in effect. I like to come prepared when dealing with people that don't understand the process.
Thank you, this gives me some hope. I will try my best and I will explain them the situation :)
Is it a public or private training provider?

If public and refusal is because of visa - go straight to the ombudsman with a complaint - CC the training org in the complaint.
I am pretty sure it is a public provider. Here's their official website: Click here
Hello guys,

Thank you all for your answers. After having contacted four different offices today on the phone, the final answer is: I can enroll in the international TAFE website, but not under the normal TAFE website. To be able to register in the normal webiste I must, at least, hold a 820 visa.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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