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Can you be denied to study on a Bridging Visa A?

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Hello :) ,

I was interested to enrol in a course for next year, 2018, namely a Certificate IV. The length of the course is only 6 months (one semester, commencing january 2018) and they asked which visa I held.

When I said I hold a Bridging Visa A with full study rights, I was said they could not accept my bridging visa. Is this legal/possible? I have full study rights...

Should I just insist? In their email, they state "we can only go by the original visa". But my original visa no longer exists :confused: They also say "bring your paperwork and we can see then". What can I expect if I go? Just a refusal? I don't also want to waste my time.

Any help would be much appreciated
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It is up to the education provider if they will accept you as a student or not.

I am not sure how it works with TAFE, but the State Schools have two different streams for international students: people on student visas and people on other temporary visas.

I take it that you originally held a tourist visa or a WHV. You bridging visa would have removed the study limitation period, so go and talk to them and see if they will enrol you under the temporary visa stream. If there is a TAFE Education Agent in your area, get them to organise the enrolment. There is no cost in that.
A quick Google search shows that there are different requirements based on what course you're trying to enrol. One says that while a BVA holder, they go off the conditions of the original visa you entered Oz on and a different set of courses says the same thing but adds a part saying unless DIBP had provided additional conditions on the bridging visa.

Your best bet is to go in with your paperwork and discuss in person.
You're right and very often the school administrators do not understand the visa system if it is outside the standard stuff they deal with. A student visa is easy for them. So is a tourist visa, which allows 3 months study.When people are on a bridging visa with the study limitation removed it sometimes becomes too confusing for them.
Hello guys,

Thank you all for your answers. After having contacted four different offices today on the phone, the final answer is: I can enroll in the international TAFE website, but not under the normal TAFE website. To be able to register in the normal webiste I must, at least, hold a 820 visa.
That's correct, you'll have to enrol as an international student and pay the international student fee.
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