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I'm sponsoring my partner for a 820 visa (he is currently here on a WHV) and we'll be needing to get a Canadian police check.
I understand the process of getting a company to receive our physical fingerprints taken here in Australia, who would forward our prints to RCMP and handle that whole process.

However, I've seen that some countries/organisations require authentication/legalisation of the prints due to a Hague Convention - would anyone be able to confirm that Australian Immigration doesn't require this? None of the relevant forum threads I've found here have mentioned it, so I'm hoping that's the case.

We're hoping to apply for the checks soon to get our application as front-loaded as possible, at the risk of processing taking longer than 12 months and our checks no longer being valid. We're also hoping to have RCMP send the prints to my partner's parents in Canada so they can scan the certificates for us to upload directly to our application.

Thank you!
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