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My partner and i are all set to apply for are de facto visa this week. My 2nd yr whv for oz was up in Aug 2010 and we only had evidence of living together for 4 months at that stage.. So we moved to NZ so we could stay together... We have been here for 8 months now and finally have all info required for our visa..

My visa for NZ is up Aug 28th and i am due our baby on Aug 29th
So i will have to leave NZ 6 weeks before our son is born ( July 18th)

am i crazy to think that i might be one of the lucky ones and get my visa granted in 12wks...

I called some of the medical centers from the immi site today to get prices and time frame for medical for when i get the go ahead
but they all said NO straight off for me to get a chest xray done when pregnant..

Can they refuse the info from below is what i was going on for xray

All our savings is going into our visa... starting to think it would be better to use this money for a flight home to Ireland... but

only have enough cash for one flight
partner can only get 3mnth holiday visa to ireland
it could be feb 2012 before our visa is granted if we wait till after birth

Really do not want to leave my partner and have our son alone is their any way around this

Pregnant visa applicants and the chest x-ray
The department does not recommend that a pregnant visa
applicant undergoes a chest x-ray. This is because there is
a risk that a chest x-ray could harm the unborn child. It is
recommended that a pregnant visa applicant defers her chest
x-ray, and therefore the decision on her visa application, until
after the child’s birth.
A pregnant visa applicant should firstly contact the
department to discuss her options, including the possible
deferral of her visa application.
If you decide to defer the chest x-ray until after the child’s birth
A pregnant visa applicant should advise the department if she
decides to defer her chest x-ray until after the child’s birth.
If you are prepared to undergo a chest x-ray while pregnant
If a pregnant visa applicant is prepared to undergo a chest
x-ray, it is recommended that she consults with her doctor
before arranging her appointment for a chest x-ray and that
special precautions are taken (eg. using a protective lead
shield and waiting until at least the second trimester). A
pregnant visa applicant must sign the declaration on page 4
before undergoing a chest x-ray.
Undergoing a chest x-ray does not guarantee the grant of a
visa. The result of the chest x-ray must be found to be normal.
Where a chest x-ray shows abnormalities, the visa applicant
may be asked to undergo more specific tests and a course of
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