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Hi everyone,

I was after some advice regarding my son, I have a permanent residency visa and he is coming to visit on holiday In early May, he has a eVisitor651 that has been gramted with multiple entries allowed until 2019. He’s currently living in UK and 17.

We’ve been having discussions and he’s now decided he does want to have residency here so he can stay to work/study and so I have been looking at lodging either a child 101 (offshore) or child 802 (onshore).

Best process with quickest times -

1) Is it best to lodge the 802 whilst he is here, I understand once I lodge the 802, he would then switch onto a BVA bridging visa whilst the 802 is processed but it would include same restirctions as 651 (No work, max 3 month study). I was looking to get his medicals done in the UK using the online system to expedite the process and the PCC are in process. I can support him whilst we wait for the approval with him having some holiday, up to 3 months of study and doing some volunteering.

2) Or best to lodge a 101 in London, if this is done, in early April, would he still be able to travel in May here on the eVisitor? I understand processing times through London have been quick if you have all the right documents, medicals and PCC. Some saying these have been going through in 5 weeks if you have everything submitted.

3) Lodge a different visa ir any other recommendations?

I am not sure of processing times of 802 through the Perth centre, and is this going to take longer than a 101 through London? So if it was taking 12 months+ this would limit what he can do etc.

Appreciate any advice,

Thanks so much,

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